Cereal and Cereal Products Laboratory

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Functions and Capabilities

Cereal processing technologies laboratory conducts both research and development activities and quality control analysis of cereals and cereal products. We also provide theoretical and practical training programs on cereal analysis. Some R&D studies conducted in our laboratory are as follows:

  • Development of new cereal based products (new formulation development, use of new baking technologies, etc.)
  • Development of cereal product quality (investigation on texture, volume, macro- and micro-structure)
  • Cereal processing

Capabilities / Proficiency of Staff

Studies in our laboratory are conducted with one Ph.D. grade researcher, M.Sc grade researcher and one research technician, who are expertise on development of new cereal based products and improvement of the quality of cereal products; besides being qualified on utilization of new methods for grinding of cereals to be further used as ingredients in cereal based products.