Fats and Oils Analyses Laboratory

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Functions and Abilities

Fats and Oils Analyses Laboratory employs both a scientific research (R&D studies) and analytical testing studies. The studies carried out with our advanced analytical equipments, extraction equipment and experts using accurate and rapid test methods. Principal working areas of the laboratory covers improving new rapid analytical methods on fats/oils adulteration, formulation of new fats/oils such as low or zero trans fats, functional fats/oils,  low fat margarines etc. identified minor composition (bioactive compounds, aroma compounds etc.) of fats and oils as well as to determine the stability and performance of various vegetable oils.

Main R&D studies

  • Improving and producing value-added products from oil based food wastes
  • Formulation of low fat margarines   
  • Improving  new products and methods to solve requirement of food sectors
  • Determination of fats and oils  based food frauds via identification of markers   
  • Improving a new rapid analytical methods
  • Identification of geographic origin of  natural food products   
  • Improving chemical sensor for identification of food spoilage

Capacity / Proficiency of staff

The existing persons are consisting of 1 PhD, 2 MSc researcher and 2 laboratory technicians.  According to the projects and research area we are conducting multi-discipliner studies. Person of the group have experience on food chemistry, fats and oils, and food authenticity.