Food Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory

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Functions and capacities

Biotechnology laboratory conducts R&D studies on fermented foods and fermentation products. Standardization and persistence of products are realized by means of lactic acid bacteria and yeast giving the desired taste, texture and aroma to fermented foods such as cheeses, yogurt, olives, sourdough, fermented grape juices, ayran, boza. The classical processing methods of local traditional foods are improved by using novel technologies at required production steps. Starter cultures not endangering the local fermented foods and beverages produced without starter culture are developed and their production technologies are improved.

R&D studies conducted in Food biotechnology laboratory are followings.

Studies Conducted on Fermented Dairy products

  • Detection, identification and preservation of microorganisms conducting fermentation in products processed by classical methods.
  • Investigation and modernisation of processing methods, detection of spoilage reason and steps to be improved during processing of products such as local cheeses, yogurts, ayran, kefir which is manufactured in Turkey,
  • Selection and development of appropriate starter cultures for fermented foods and detection of technological properties of commercial starter cultures.

Studies Conducted on Fruit and Vegetables

  • Development of appropriate production methods for table olive cultivars coming from different Regions of Turkey,
  • Finding solutions to the spoilages encountered during olive processing steps, by means of using novel technologies instead of chemicals,
  • Development of alternatives methods for debittering of olives and shortening of processing time,
  • Novel products derived from olives cultivars,
  • Starter cultures for fermented fruit juice, particularly grape juice produced by fermentation.

Studies Conducted on Cereal Products

  • Improvement of manufacturing methods for the standardization and prevention of loss of fermented cereal products and detection of microorganisms having, potential probiotic, antimicrobial activities and prebiotics beneficial for health,
  • Development of different starters and production technologies for Boza or similar products made from various cereals, 
  • Sourdough starters are produced, giving the beneficial healthy substances and increasing the shelf life when used in bakery and pastry products.

Ability of the staff

Researchers are specialized on fermented foods and starter culture production.

Biotechnology laboratory is expert in developing amenable starter cultures for the standardization of fermented foods consumed in Turkey and their modernization by using novel technologies such as, UV,  pulsed UV, ohmic heating, electrolyzed water.