Food Molecular Biology Laboratory

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Functions and Competencies

In our Laboratory, we focused on many molecular biology techniques, mainly PCR technology, for R&D studies in food research. Some R&D studies that we do in our laboratory are:

  • Genetic identification of moulds (by DNA Sequencing methods)
  • Identification of GMO’s and their products by molecular methods
  • mRNA based molecular method development studies for the detection of foreign tissues in meat products; and method development studies for the histological identification method that enables objective result as well as quantification of the data by using computer software programs.
  • Method development studies for the detection of additives and contaminants in foods,
  • Real-Time PCR based method development studies for the determination of adulteration materials like chickpea, soybean and peanut and other potential allergens in hazelnut puree.
  • Method development studies for the detection and quantitation of goats and sheep milks in cow milk.
  • DNA based method development studies in food products for the detection of porcine gelatine.

Staff Qualifications

There are 2 researcher, 1 specialist (2 biologists, 1 molecular biologist) and 1 research technician in our Laboratory.  One of our staff has Ph.D. degree and two of them has got M.Sc. Research staff are specialized in molecular biological methods.  Besides, they are qualified in protein based methods, histological and immunohistochemical studies as well as cell culture studies.