Mycology Laboratory

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Function and Capabilities

The Mycology laboratory performs R&D studies as a main activity. Second important function of the laboratory is providing sustainability and development of mould culture collection that are formed from the outcomes of projects. The laboratory has been working as a solution partner not only to food industry also other sectors such as textile, material sciences, household appliances, etc.

    R&D studies performed in the laboratory:

• Isolation and identification of moulds from foodstuffs, agricultural and non-food products; prevention of toxigenic mould growth; investigations on the factors affecting mould growth and formation of mycotoxins; and establishment of the preventive measures;

  • Investigation of the fungal enzyme producer

• Microbiological impact evaluation of the hygienic materials (food contact and other) and hygienic practices

• Determination of antibacterial and antifungal properties of different materials (ceramics, textiles, plastics etc.)

The laboratory provides mould culture and consultancy services to university, research institutes and private sector with the TUBITAK MRC Mould Collection.

 Capabilities / Proficiency of Staff

Laboratory personnel is specialized in food mycology, fermentation Technologies, biotechnology, foo microbioligy, inactivation and decontamination of microorganisms.