Residue Analysis Laboratory

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Functions and Capabilities

Food Residue Analysis Laboratory is aimed at adopting/developing simple and rapid analytical methods for the analyses of residues in foodstuffs. Providing help to companies, operating in food industry and government institutions through residue analysis, hands-on instrument and/or analytical method trainings, technical consultancy and contract based research projects.

The Laboratory is equipped with most up-to-date techniques (12 high-tech analytical instrument). It may perform analysis of 352 analyses in various food matrices using 12 different accredited analytical methods. 

Laboratory is focused in development of low cost, rapid, reliable prototype devices with a high commercialization potential for the determination of chemical residues to contribute consumer health and the national economy.,

Investigation of reaction mechanisms occurring over the reduction and elimination of chemical contaminants in plant products is another area of research for the laboratory.

Capabilities / Proficiency of Staff

Residue Analysis Laboratory personnel have expertise and over ten years of experience in chromatography, mass spectrometry, development of analytical methods and validation for trace level residue analyses in a large variety of foods.