Food Packaging and Preservation

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Main activities of Food Packaging and Preservation Group are cold storage of foods, developing new packaging and preservation technologies and shelf life determination. Specifically, Food Packaging and Preservation group has research activities:

·         Determining the processing, packaging, transportation and storage conditions of food products in the cold chain system and developing new applications

·         Determining the appropriate packaging materials and methods specific to different foods

·          Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

·         Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage

·         Improvement the quality of minimally processed, ready to eat and easily prepared foods and development of preservation and packaging technologies

·         Determining the shelf life of food products

  • Developing innovative food packaging materials and application to food products

· Active packaging (antimicrobial, antioxidant, oxygen and ethylene  absorbing systems)

· Intelligent packaging and packaging materials (spoilage indicators, freshness indicators)

· Nano-composite packaging materials

· Biodegradable packaging materials

  • Determination of the total and specific chemicals from the plastic packaging materials and articles come into contact with foods

Food Packaging and Preservation Group is working with 9 persons, consisting of researchers and technicians, 86% of researchers having PhD and 14% of having MSc degrees. The group has close collaborations with Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, CAYKUR, Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, TICA, several private sector companies, non-governmental organisations, universities, UNIDO and international research institutes within the EU Framework Programmes.