Food Processing Technologies

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Food Processing Technology Group, in general, works on the subjects which are processing of food in 'Farm to fork' food chain, implementation of new technologies to the food, the development of new food products and improving their technologies. The group specifically performs the projects and carries out project-based activities in the following areas;

  • Development/improving of food processing technologies,
    • Supercritical extraction, encapsulation, drying,
    • Applications of unconventional food processing techniques (ohmic heating, electrolysed water, pulsed UV systems, cold plasma, ozone),
  • Minimally processed foods,
  • The new high value-added products and improving their technologies,
  • Pilot scale production,
  • Mathematical modelling and process optimization,
  • Development of production technologies for fermented products/ fermentation products,
  • Starter culture development for fermented foods and beverages,

Food Processing Technology Group operates as a team of about 25 people which consist of researchers (86% of PhD, 7% of MSc, 7% of BSc) and technicians. The group is in collaboration with "Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry", CAYKUR, "Science, Industry and Technology Ministry", TIKA, various private sector organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, UNIDO and the international research centers within EU Framework Programme.