Food Safety and Quality

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Food Safety and Quality Working Group is generally working on formation/contamination mechanisms of chemical and microbiological risks in foodstuffs and minimization of these risks, and specifically performing project based research studies on following subjects;

  • Exposure and risk assessment of chemical and microbiological risks in foodstuffs,
  • Early Warning Systems (Management Information Systems) and Decision Support Systems to identify and reduce the risks previously.
  • Development of new technologies, methods and strategies (alternative decontamination/detoxification techniques) for prevention and reduction of risks
  • Mycotoxins, moulds and mould culture collection
  • Contaminants and residues (Pesticides, veterinary drugs and hormones, environmental contaminants, process related contaminants, heavy metals)
  • Food-borne diseases, pathogen microorganisms
  • Total and specific migration (Food safety in food contact materials)
  • Molecular biology and genetically modified
  • Development of rapid, on-site analysis techniques (censors, analysis kits i.e.) and advanced analysis methods applied in the laboratories to determine the chemical/microbiological risks and  adulterations in food
  • Molecular and chemical methods for food authentication (adulteration, origin of food stuffs)
  • Evaluating the effects of antimicrobial and hygienic materials
  • Development reference and proficiency test materials to obtain high quality and reliable results in food analysis laboratories
  • Establishment and accreditation of food analysis laboratories
  • Food safety systems  and food hygiene

The Food Safety and Quality Working Group carry out its research studies with 36 researchers (50% PhD, 30% MSc, 20% BSc) and technicians. The group has close collaboration with especially Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Health, private sector organizations, non-governmental organizations, exporters union, universities and research centers within EU Framework Programs.