Enzyme Laboratory

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Functions and Capabilities

R&D projects are carried out by Enzyme Activity Laboratory Team related with the effect of enzymes on food quality and activity measurements can be performed in qualitative and quantitative basis. Enzymes are very sensitive to environmental conditions such as heat, oxygen, moisture and special care should be taken during processing of enzymes. Our team has experience on drying, granulation, and coating of enzymes used in food and feed industry for improving their stability.

Our team has also experience in new product development, nut processing and storage including the safety and quality characteristics and conducts R&D projects more than 15 years. 

Studies on Food Enzyme Activities

Several field studies have been conducted related with the enzymatic activities of foods (different varieties of hazelnut, tea leaves, cucumber, etc.) from the pre- and post-harvest conditions including the sampling from the processing steps within the scope of R&D projects. The Research Team has also experience in new product development, drying, processing and storage of nuts, besides the sorption properties of foods and food products.

Test and Analysis Services

Water activity analysis of food and beverages.