Packaging and Preservation Laboratory

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Functions and Capabilities

The aim of the laboratory is to conduct research and development projects in the field of food packaging and preservation and safety of food contact materials.

R&D project themes in the field of packaging materials

  • Selection of the appropriate packaging material and packaging method for specific food products
  • New packaging technologies (active and intelligent packaging) improvements and applications
  • Determination of the specific migrant from the food contact  materials into the foods

R&D project themes in the field of food preservation

  • Determination of shelf-life of food products
  • Application of modified-atmosphere-packaging (MAP) for the preservation of food products
  • Determination of the processing, packaging, transportation, and storage conditions (temperature, RH, time) of the food products in the cold chain system including traceability
  • Storage of food products in controlled atmosphere (CA)
  • Development of storage and packaging technologies for fruits and vegetables

Capabilities / Proficiency of Staff

  • Research staff specialized in the field of migration analysis from food contact materials, active packaging, modified-atmosphere-packaging (MAP) and minimally processed fruits and vegetables.