Sensory & Consumer Research Laboratory

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Function and Capability

The Sensory and Consumer Research Laboratory has provided sensory evaluation services to national and international studies in collaborative projects both within the University/Research Institute and with the food products industries. The laboratory has been involved in various types of research projects about the characterization of consumer expectations and product development stages for the food producers. The R & D studies in the laboratory are given below.

R & D Studies:

  • Quality control of raw material, semi processed product and end product,
  • Planning of new product,
  • Determination of sensory changes in end product in case of changes/modifications in product, compounds or process,
  • Determination of consumer response to products,
  • Determination of key characteristics of products,
  • Determination of sensory quality of products and determination of quality changes
  • Shelf life studies

The laboratory carries out their studies with a researcher and a technician.