Nutrition and Functional Foods

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Research on development of functional food and formulizations, food composition and characterization of bioactives/phytochemicals are conducted within the area of nutrition and functional foods. Specifically, studies on the following areas and  project-based activities are conducted:

  • Production, management and use of food composition data
  • Characterization of phytochemicals and bioactive compounds in food
  • Determination of antioxidant activity and bioavailability of food
  • Biochemical analysis and randomized clinical trials
  • Fortification of food and development of formulizations
  • Development of functional food for specific purpose and its evaluation for healthy diet
  • Prebiotics and probiotics

Nutrition and functional food group conducts its activities as a team of 12 members which consist of 50% PhD degree and 50% MSc degree researchers and technicians. Currently, four projects are being conducted within the group and the total budget is approximately 6.2 million TL. The group takes place within the collaboration network of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, ÇAYKUR, SME’s and the foreign research centres within the EU Framework Programme.